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    hi ----

    just a few notes on how to best navigate this site, mainly for those of you who are
    new to the net and might be encouraged by reading a few pointers:

    on page 2 you find the site index which is basically a list of links that takes you
    to the beginning of each section mentioned.
    links will always be a color different from the normal text and underlined; links
    also take on the form of thumbnails which are small images that, when clicked, will
    take you to the page with the large image on it.

    you can tell you are dealing with a link when the pointer of your cursor changes
    to a hand.

    your browser (netscape e.g.) has a few menu buttons/menu items that will be valuable
    while navigating the site.
    bookmark those pages that you want to refer back to, like page 2 (site index), or
    the pages that hold the thumbnails, or the beginning of a section that is of
    special interest to you.
    use the 'go' menu to jump backwards a few pages.
    use the 'back' button when you want to go back 1 or 2 pages: e.g. say you linked
    to a big image from the thumbnail page -- you'd use the back button to return to the
    thumbnail page and select another image to look at.

    pages within a section ('new work', e.g.) have links that go forward, like turning
    the pages of a book. at the end of each section you can continue or you can go back
    to the site index and choose another section.

    of course, if you have bookmarked the site index (page 2) you can go back there
    any time you want.

    hope this helps.     sabine

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    ps. any feedback about the structure, look or ease/difficulty of navigating this site
    will be much appreciated. e-mail to